Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the collection?

The collection was over 25,000 specimens strong. This included everything from micromounts to sizable museum specimens.


What is going up for auction?

Some of Rock’s favorite “children” are going to be put on the auction block. These range from mineral classics to rarities with a wide range of values.


When and where is the auction?

The auction is taking place the afternoon of August 26th in Dallas, Texas through Heritage Auctions. Previews for auction specimens will be available online HERE as well on this website.


How do I get an auction catalog?

  1. Click this link:  HERITAGE CATALOG
  2. Type in “ROCK2019” in the field for Promotional Code
  3. A window for Individual Auctions will show up which highlights Upcoming Auctions
  4. Select “Nature & Science” and then “2019 August 26 Rock H. Currier Collection … #5445
  5. Complete the Personal Information and then select “Confirm Order

Note:  When you select “Confirm Order”, it will take you back to the order page.  Ignore this. Although it appears that there’s a charge and a request for credit card information, this is just a programming glitch.  You will receive a confirmation email showing zero cost.


How do I get updated on what is happening with the collection?

Sign up for email notifications with our mailing list HERE


How is the collection being sold?

The collection is being sold in an open and transparent auction, with all proceeds going to the Rock H. Currier Living Trust. Other portions of the collection may be made available in subsequent auctions.  Additionally, sales of individual specimens may take place at Tucson 2020 and online. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates!


How can I bid on the auction?

Go to Heritage for auction instructions. You can bid: in writing, online, via livestream, via phone, and in-person.


Is this piece available for sale yet?

If you have not seen the piece in our auction catalog or in our online retail space, it is not yet available for sale. If you have any specimen specific inquiries please send them to


What species/localities are in the collection?

Anything and everything.


What is the quality of the collection?

From good to OH MY GOD with everything in between.