In the late 1970s, one of Rock’s employees asked if Rock had any work for a relative of
theirs who had just arrived in the U.S. This was in January just before the Tucson shows,
and Rock, with a twinkle in his eye said “well sure, bring him to the house, I’ve got a job
he can do”. When he arrived Rock gave him a ladder and a rubber stamp, and had him
follow him around to the back yard where he showed him three, large, orange trees.
These trees were just loaded with oranges. He explained to this young kid, who couldn’t
have been more than 16 years old at the time, that he wanted every one of the oranges on
the trees stamped with this rubber stamp that said “Sunkist.” He had the kid get up on the
ladder to stamp each and every orange. It took this kid at least 2 or 3 days to stamp all of
the oranges.
In those days, Rock would have a lot of European dealers stopping by his house on their
way to Tucson – they all wanted to glom on the goodies before anyone else did. Rock
was so proud of these trees – he would take all of his European customers out to his
backyard and show them “the world-famous Sunkist orange trees.” His guests would
look up in amazement at the hundreds, and hundreds, of oranges on these trees … and
every single one of them had the word “Sunkist” stamped on them, all facing outward.
From any angle, no matter where you looked on these trees, you would see “Sunkist”
oranges. Rock had the grandest time over this. We often wondered what this kid thought
of his very first job, where someone actually paid him to stamp oranges while they were
still on the trees. That was Rock …
– Joseph Lieberz